Membership Harmonization Update

As part of an IIBA Global initiative to unite our BA Community, membership will be Harmonized between your Individual Chapter Membership and your Global Membership effective May 4, 2021.  Upon renewing your IIBA Global Membership, you will be responsible for only one membership fee and your Chapter Membership will be included in your Global Membership.

In addition to your current IIBA Member Benefits, you will now be able to attend any event from any Chapter around the world at the same ‘Member’ pricing regardless of which Chapter you are affiliated with.  You will also have access to the new “Connections” community which was established to support those IIBA Members who are geographically located outside of a designated IIBA Chapter.

To further streamline the new Harmonization experience, your login credentials for Chapter websites will now be integrated with your IIBA Global Member login credentials for a Single Sign-On (SSO), so no need to remember multiple login credentials with the new one IIBA initiative.

To review additional details of Membership Harmonization, please visit the IIBA global website here:

As an IIBA Member, you will need to Confirm your Chapter selection and your Address are up-to-date in your IIBA Profile.  This information is important to the accurate association with your local IIBA Chapter.  If you are not currently associated with a Chapter, one will be assigned to you based on your Address in your IIBA Profile.  However, if you are already a part of a Chapter, you will not be re-assigned.  We sincerely hope you consider your local chapter to be the IIBA Palmetto Chapter by selecting “USA_South Carolina_Palmetto’.

If you are not currently an IIBA Member, please consider joining to take advantage of these exiting new benefits here:

Please feel free to reach out to me directly should you have additional questions regarding this information that are not addressed in the FAQs noted above.

Stacey Caulder, CBAP
Vice President of Membership

IIBA Palmetto Chapter