Running AI Projects with Kevin Dewalt

As part of the BA Trailblazer series on Artificial Intelligence hosted by Ted Kerr, Kevin Dewalt of PROLEGO, an AI expert, led an online session last week specifically for Business Analysts.

We covered: 

  • what AI actually is in practical terms
  • how to identify opportunities for AI projects
  • what the elements of managing an AI project are
  • how this new revolutionary technology will affect the BA role

The evening was hosted in partnership with the following IIBA chapters: Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec, who each hosted the webinar from their own locations. Many thanks to them and to Kevin for generously giving their time. Additionally, thank you to the BA team at EDC for allowing us to use their beautiful auditorium.
We’re excited to say that a recording of this session is available to all. We encourage everyone to see this insightful presentation to better understand what AI is and what the potential applications of AI are for your projects!

References mentioned by Kevin:

Become an AI Company in 90 days - ebook written by Kevin Dewalt and Russ Rands

Enterprise Machine Learning Podcast with Kevin Dewalt 

The Great AI Awakening 


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